A logical approach to SEO

Before signing a US$ 7 000/month, twelve month contract with a reputable SEO agency, please reconsider the following:

1. Do you have a content strategy in place?
2. Is your website’s content up do date? I.e. does it contain your complete as-is value proposition and is the style, look and feel relevant?
3. What are you currently doing to engage with customers?
4. Are you regularly updating your website with relevant content?
5. Have you crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s? I.e. do all the pages have meta tags and descriptions? Do the images have descriptive alt tags etc.

If you cannot, honestly answer “yes” to all the above questions, you are probably going to waste money on signing that SEO contract. Its like pimping a car with a faulty engine.

Google and other major search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to determine how well your website is serving what their customers are looking for. Although they use crawling and techniques like page rank and scoring how well a page matches specific keyword phrases, the essence of SEO is this: when people (not robots) browse the web do they find what they are looking for when visiting your website?

Our team at BlueOceans can help you make sure you can cross out the above five points without costing you an arm and a leg. Thereafter we will formulate an SEO strategy that is effective and easy to manage.

SEO Checklist

  • 1. Content Strategy
  • 2. Website up-to-date
  • 3. Customer engagement
  • 4. Regular updates
  • 5. SEO housekeeping