Web platforms

Our approach to web platform development and a few examples

Our team of website engineers have decades experience in website platform development. We use tried and tested techniques to build secure web platforms with client login and capability to upload and share various forms of content. From images, to pdfs or zip archives etc. We can also build in secure online payment such as credit card, Paypal, Payfast or Woo Commerce if required. We like to follow a lean, agile approach to platform development where we spend enough time to determine the minimum specification for a first release.

We ask questions like, “What do they want to see?” “Is that really what they want?” “How must this work?” “Is this feature really necessary?” “What should happen when they click here?”. This enables us to focus on creating a stable platform which is released sooner with the aim to gather early user feedback which is included and implement with the next release. We specialise in custom HTML5 and Bootstrap combined with PHP and Javascript and SQL database integration.

Web Platform Summary

  • Platform Type: Website applications, Payment portals, Licensing servers, Content sharing and discussion portals
  • Website technology: Bootstrap, HTML5, WordPress, PHP, Javascript, SQL