Lead generation

Our aporach to lead nurturing and sales conversion

Most companies spend a fortune on buying contact lists and cold calling. This crude method of generating sales is tried and tested and it works, but the fact is. No one likes it to receive a cold call. Some experience it as plain rude and make no mistake, being good at cold calling is a rare art. They have the ability to turn the conversation around and close the deal in minutes on the phone. Research has shown that cold calling is becoming less effective and has the potential to damage ones brand.

At BlueOceans we prefer to follow a different approach to lead generation and sales conversion. Studies show that 50% of qualified leads aren’t immediately ready to buy [Source: Gleanster Research]. This is where lead nurturing plays such a key role. You might be familiar with the buyer journey and lead nurturing funnel. It describes in what stage a potential customer is on his or her way to purchase. On the right is a summary of the buyer journey stages. We assist our customers to engage with potential buyers along every step of their buyer journey. We take into account that each individual business has varying sales cycles, different buyer personas, and require relevant content assets.

This is not where the journey ends. Studies show that it is 6 times more difficult to win a new customer than retain an existing one. We will assist you to build and maintain long term relationships with your customer base.

Buyer Journey Stages

  • 1. Awareness: Here the lead becomes aware of an unfulfilled need and might become aware of your product or service.
  • 2. Evaluation: The lead realises that your product or service could fulfill their need. The prospect now needs to determine whether you are the best fit.
  • 3. Purchase: The potential customer is ready to buy.