Our approach to campaigns and events

The easiest, lowest cost campaigns are email campaigns. There are many free mail services one can use to send bulk emails to prospects and customers. It is important however to consider the structure and content of the mail. Does it have a clear and simple call to action? What’s the next step? Also consider what time of the week the mail is sent. This varies between different reader groups and also what is offered. For example a good time to release new camping gear is better a few weeks before summer holiday and not in the middle of rainy season.

We have managed various successful exhibitions for clients who accumulated more than a thousand leads during a 3 day IT Cloud trade show in London. It wasn’t the most expensive stand but defiantly attracted the most attention. We ended up having beer on the stand with the likes of head engineers at IBM and Microsoft’s techies were hanging out more at our booth than at theirs.

The key with any successful campaign is to think outside the box. Do something extraordinary and keep on reinventing yourself. Push the boundaries. Don’t just settle for plain and boring. At BlueOceans we have creative minds who are able to come up with promotions and execute campaigns that will grab customers and prospects attention while maintaining true to your brand image and reputation.

Campaigns summary

  • Types of campaigns: Email blasts, Trade shows, Golf days, Sales incentives